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Does Big Pharma Hike Prices When Meds Are in Short Supply? September 18, 2018

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Urgent Care Centers Ease ER Burden in U.S. September 07, 2018

'Deaths of Despair' May Have Helped Fuel Trump's Victory: Study September 05, 2018

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Immigrants Not a Burden on U.S. Health Care: Study August 15, 2018

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Why Some Americans Seek Abortion Pills Online July 12, 2018

Even When Insured, Heart Disease Can Bankrupt Poor Families July 05, 2018

Cost Keeps Many Americans From Getting Hearing Aids July 05, 2018

Human Insulin as Good as Costly Synthetic Versions June 29, 2018

Many With Severe Allergies Don't Carry an EpiPen: Study June 21, 2018

U.S. Smoking Rate Hits All-Time Low June 19, 2018

Lack of Paid Sick Leave Linked to Poverty June 14, 2018

How to Determine Your Health Insurance's True Costs June 08, 2018

Non-Drug Migraine Treatments Often Ignored June 05, 2018

Tragedy of Child Sexual Abuse Takes Financial Toll, Too June 04, 2018

Cancer Care Twice as Costly in U.S. Versus Canada June 01, 2018

High Blood Pressure Can Really Up Your Medical Costs May 30, 2018

A Young Life Lost to High Insulin Prices May 29, 2018

Small World? Not With One-Quarter Obese by 2045 May 23, 2018

Could Nonprofit Drug Companies Cut Sky-High Prices? May 17, 2018

Fewer Money Worries Can Pay Off in Better Health May 15, 2018

Generic Drugs Don't Always Push Prices Down May 07, 2018

Kids' Exposure to Domestic Violence Takes Economic Toll May 07, 2018

End-of-Life Care Saves Money April 30, 2018

Heart Disease Carries Huge Cost for Some Families April 06, 2018

When 'Nest Egg' Vanishes, Death Risk Rises April 03, 2018

Poll: Americans Fear Crippling Medical Bills More Than Illness March 29, 2018

A Light Breakfast Might Cut Cost of Pricey Prostate Cancer Drug March 28, 2018

Millions Get Wrong Treatment for Back Pain: Study March 21, 2018

The High Costs of Alzheimer's March 20, 2018

Cutting Co-Pays Helps Heart Patients Take Their Meds March 14, 2018

Why Does America Spend More on Health Care? March 13, 2018

Presidential Panel Says High-Priced Cancer Drugs Harm Patient Care March 13, 2018

Money Underpins Drop in Kidney Donations Among Men and the Poor March 09, 2018

Falls Among Elderly Cost $50 Billion Annually March 08, 2018

U.S. Gun Injuries Getting More Severe March 02, 2018

Obesity to Blame for Jump in Health Care Costs March 01, 2018

More Americans Pushed Into High-Deductible Health Plans February 22, 2018

Aspirin as Good a Clot Buster as Pricey Drugs After Joint Replacement February 21, 2018

Obamacare Helped More Young Women Get Prenatal Care: Study February 14, 2018

Vaccines Can Stem Poverty, Not Just Disease, Study Suggests February 13, 2018

Talk Therapy May Be Worth It for Teen Depression January 29, 2018

Emergency Services Crews Often Unprepared for Diabetic Crises January 26, 2018