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Fewer Hospitals Closed After Obamacare Expanded Medicaid January 12, 2018

Asthma in America Carries $82 Billion Price Tag January 12, 2018

For Poorer Americans, Stress Brings Worse Health January 08, 2018

High Costs Keep Many Cancer Patients From Needed Drugs December 21, 2017

Good News, Guys: Viagra Prices Start to Tumble Today December 11, 2017

Checking Prices for Medical Procedures Online? Good Luck December 05, 2017

Will CVS-Aetna Merger Mean Cheaper Health Care? December 04, 2017

Motorcycle Crashes Far More Deadly Than Car Crashes November 20, 2017

Hospital Midwives, Lower C-Section Rates? November 16, 2017

U.S. Seniors Struggle More to Pay for Health Care Compared to Other Countries November 15, 2017

Pricey ER Tests for Chest Pain Often Unnecessary November 15, 2017

Uninsured Heart Patients Often Face Daunting Bills November 14, 2017

Obesity to Blame for Epidemic of Knee Dislocations, Complications November 10, 2017

Higher Prices Are Driving Rise in Health Care Spending November 07, 2017

About Half of Americans Get Health Care in ER November 03, 2017

Not 'Dead' Yet: Obamacare 2018 Sign-up Has Begun November 03, 2017

Are Artery-Opening Stents for Chest Pain a Waste of Time? November 02, 2017

Do Rising Cancer Drug Prices Warrant Regulation? November 01, 2017

Many Cancer Patients Skimp on Treatment Due to Cost October 24, 2017

More than one-quarter make choices that could undermine their health, report says

Most Americans Shouldn't See Big Rise in Obamacare Premiums October 19, 2017

8 in 10 qualify for tax credits that help lower their costs, experts say

Bipartisan Deal Could Give Temporary Protection to Obamacare October 17, 2017

Would cover cost of subsidies to insurers for 2 years, but passage in Congress uncertain

Need Cancer Screening? Where You Work Matters October 13, 2017

Americans employed in smaller businesses often lack insurance coverage, study finds

Around the World, Too Little Relief for Pain October 13, 2017

High drug costs in low-income countries are to blame, says new report

Trump Says He'll Cut Federal Subsidies for Obamacare October 13, 2017

Move could cripple the program, follows a similar executive order signed Thursday

Trump Signs Executive Order That Could Undermine Obamacare October 12, 2017

Move allows younger, healthier workers to find cheaper-but-skimpier plans elsewhere, experts say

Today's Middle-Age Americans in Worse Health Than Prior Generations October 06, 2017

50-somethings will face more challenges as retirement nears, study suggests

One Type of Dementia Is Especially Costly October 06, 2017

Annual bills for this early onset disease twice as high as for Alzheimer's, study says

Does a Drug's High Price Tag Cause Its Own Side Effects? October 05, 2017

Treatment-related worries might make you feel sick

The Unexpected Faces of the Uninsured October 04, 2017

Study finds nearly 40 percent of those without coverage live in the suburbs

Same Pregnancy Meds Can Cost $200 -- or $11,000 October 03, 2017

'Uncontrollable drug prices' play a major role in U.S. health-care crisis, researcher says

Apologies Go a Long Way When Medical Errors Occur October 03, 2017

Study found chances of lawsuits, large payouts weren't higher when hospitals took responsibility for error

U.S. Gun Injuries Nearing $3 Billion in ER, Hospital Costs October 02, 2017

Nine out of 10 injured were male, study reports

U.S. Pays a Hefty Price for Obesity September 26, 2017

Lifetime costs add up for diseases, lost productivity, study finds

Food Stamp Benefits May Lower Health Care Costs September 25, 2017

U.S. program linked to medical savings of $1,400 per year for participants, study suggests

McCain Says No to Latest Effort to Replace Obamacare September 22, 2017

The bill, which would give states more flexibility in health care spending, is now in jeopardy

Premature Births Cost Health Plans Billions September 21, 2017

Employer-based insurance forked over the money for special care, treatment of birth defects, study says

Republicans Take Another Run at Obamacare Overhaul September 14, 2017

Sponsors say bill would give states more flexibility; critics contend it would leave many uninsured

U.S. Cancer Death Rate Continues to Fall September 14, 2017

But more cases are expected as baby boomers age, report says

Cancer Drugs' High Prices Not Justified by Cost of Development, Study Contends September 12, 2017

Research challenges notion that each new medicine costs billions to come to market

Can't Afford the Dentist? You're Not Alone September 07, 2017

Many also mistakenly believe Medicare will cover their dental care

New 'Biologic' Drug May Help Severe Asthma September 06, 2017

But similar meds cost up to $30,000 a year

Many Americans Getting Medical Care They Don't Need September 06, 2017

Survey of doctors suggests a fear of malpractice is the biggest reason why

More Than Half of Americans Will Need Nursing Home Care: Study August 28, 2017

More short-term stays the biggest factor fueling the increase

Supplement May Help Against Vision-Robbing Disease in Seniors August 24, 2017

But no large studies prove the inexpensive pill slows age-related macular degeneration, eye expert says

'Exoskeletons' May Help Kids With Cerebral Palsy Walk August 23, 2017

High-tech motorized device aims to correct disabling gait pattern

Dementia Care: A Huge Financial Burden for U.S. Families August 22, 2017

Annual costs may top $320,000, study estimates

Opioid Overdoses and Deaths Flooding U.S. Hospitals August 11, 2017

Medical costs jumped more than $30,000 per patient in less than 10 years, study finds

'Smart' Underwear May Help Prevent Back Pain August 11, 2017

With just a tap, wearable device eases stress, fatigue on lower back muscles, researchers say

Cancer Takes Financial Toll, Even With Insurance August 10, 2017

1 in 6 insured patients spends one-third of their income on bills related to treatment, U.S. study finds

Most People Not Bargain Hunters When It Comes to Health Care August 07, 2017

While they believe in price shopping, they don't follow through, researchers report