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Scans Help Spot Heart Trouble Early in People With Lupus August 02, 2018

Brain Scans Yield More Clues to Autism July 17, 2018

'Markers' of Alzheimer's Don't Doom You to Dementia May 30, 2018

Positioning During Cancer Radiation May Be Key to Heart Risks April 23, 2018

Many Patients Know Too Little About Their MRI, CT Scans: Study February 13, 2018

Kidney Stones on the Rise Among Women February 13, 2018

FDA Says U.S. Will Now Produce Critical MRI Component February 08, 2018

Can Brain Scans Reveal Who Your Friends Are? January 30, 2018

MRIs Safe With Older Pacemakers, Study Finds December 27, 2017

FDA Issues Tougher Warning on MRI Dye Tied to Brain Effects December 19, 2017

Chuck Norris Says MRI Dye Harmed Wife's Brain, But Study Finds No Link November 29, 2017

Resilient Brain Connections May Help Against Alzheimer's November 02, 2017

Eating Feeds 'Feel Good' Hormones in the Brain August 31, 2017

Overstimulation of this system could play a role in obesity, researchers say

Pricey Wines Can Trick Your Brain August 16, 2017

Are you responding to cost rather than quality?

Can Scans Predict Some Autism Cases? August 08, 2017

When the disorder is caused by a certain genetic defect, MRI may spot brain abnormalities, researchers say

Combined MRI Might Help Predict Brain Damage in Boxers August 03, 2017

Pro fighters, like football players, are at risk of mental impairment

Noninvasive Brain Test May Pinpoint Type of Dementia July 26, 2017

In small study, electrical currents helped distinguish Alzheimer's from another form of brain trouble

Scans May Show Consciousness in 'Comatose' Patients July 20, 2017

Bedside exams often miss subtle signs that patient is 'awake,' study says

CT Scans Might Help Gauge Heart Attack Risk July 12, 2017

Researchers aim to identify vulnerable patients before damage becomes irreversible

Easier Colon Exam Boosts Screening, But Insurers May Not Pay July 11, 2017

People with coverage for virtual colonoscopy are more likely to get tested for colon cancer, study finds

Brain Scans Spot Where Fear and Anxiety Live May 18, 2017

Unusually large 'striatum' is linked to inability to cope with uncertainty, research shows

Is MRI the 'Mammography' of Prostate Cancer Screening? March 27, 2017

Scanning might reduce unneeded biopsies and overtreatment, study suggests

Brain 'Rewires' to Work Around Early-Life Blindness March 22, 2017

These differences appear to boost hearing, smell and touch, researchers say

Blood Test May Spot Lung Cancer's Return, Even Before Scans March 20, 2017

Small study finds the new technique beats CT and PET scans by around 6 months

Diagnostic Mammograms Find More Cancers, and More False-Positives February 28, 2017

Digital technology leads to 'marked improvement' in detection rates, radiology expert says

Imaging Study Confirms Brain Differences in People With ADHD February 16, 2017

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity should be considered a brain disorder, researchers say

Brain Scans Let 'Locked-In' ALS Patients Communicate January 31, 2017

Correct responses were provided to more than 70 percent of yes-or-no questions, researchers say

Brain Scans May Shed Light on Bipolar Disorder-Suicide Risk January 31, 2017

Almost half of those with the disorder attempt suicide and up to 20 percent succeed

Can Brain Scans Help Doctors Navigate Epilepsy Surgery? January 11, 2017

Imaging offers less invasive way to protect regions involved in language and memory, researchers say

Scans Hint at Running's Brain Benefits, Even When Young January 09, 2017

Researchers suggest that an early boost in mind health may help people stay sharp as they age

'Groundbreaking' Research Offers Clues to Cause of Dyslexia December 21, 2016

Brain scans revealed that those with the reading disorder showed less ability to 'adapt' to sensory information

Pregnant Women Should Avoid Zika-Hit Texas Town: CDC December 15, 2016

Advisory follows reports of 5 cases of local infection in Brownsville

Florida Now Zika-Free: CDC December 09, 2016

But Texas reporting 4 new cases of possible infections, near the Mexican border

Scientists Discover More Clues to Stuttering December 05, 2016

MRI shows involvement of brain areas controlling speech, attention and emotion

Another Miami Neighborhood Now Zika-Free December 02, 2016

Only one area in South Miami Beach still considered an active zone for local transmission of the virus, officials say

First Case of Zika-Linked Glaucoma Diagnosed in Infant November 30, 2016

Brazilian baby developed vision-threatening condition after being exposed to virus in womb

Texas Reports 1st Likely Case of Local Zika Infection November 29, 2016

Woman had no travel-related risk factors, CDC says

Researchers Explore Way to Detect Brain Injury in NFL Players November 28, 2016

The goal: to spot early signs of concussion-related head trauma

Zika Babies May Look Normal at Birth, Display Brain Defects Later: CDC November 22, 2016

Findings underscore need for continuing evaluation after prenatal exposure

Imaging Studies Shed Light on Zika's Effects November 22, 2016

Brazilian radiologists assess damage to adults, babies

Brain Scans May Improve Dementia Diagnosis, Treatment November 08, 2016

People with Lewy body dementia generally don't lose volume in the hippocampus, study shows

Childhood PTSD May Leave Imprint on Brain October 25, 2016

MRI detects variations in neural connections of earthquake survivors, Chinese researchers say

For Uncontrolled Tremor, Ultrasound Instead of Brain Surgery? August 25, 2016

Noninvasive technique helps patients who don't respond to medication, study says

Scans Show Range of Zika-Linked Infant Brain Defects August 23, 2016

Images of the brains of Brazilian newborns and fetuses suggest the virus affects multiple sites

Elderly Patients Get Unnecessary End-of-Life Treatments June 27, 2016

Family members may pressure doctors to attempt heroic interventions, researcher says

Out-of-Pocket X-Ray, CT Scan Costs Vary Widely May 16, 2016

And trying to get hospitals to reveal the price can be tricky, study authors say

Lung Ultrasound May Be Best to Spot Pneumonia in Kids: Study April 13, 2016

Avoided radiation exposure of standard chest X-rays, and didn't miss any cases

Sleepless Nights Linked to Brain Changes in Study April 05, 2016

People with insomnia said to have more white matter abnormalities

Loose-Fitting Football Helmets Tied to Worse Concussions in Teens March 04, 2016

High schools should have athletic trainers check players' head gear for proper fit, doctor says

A Daily Cup of Tea May Soothe Your Heart March 01, 2016

Regular drinkers had fewer heart attacks, less calcium buildup in their arteries, study finds