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Beware the Vampire Bat, and Not for the Reason You Think September 27, 2018

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Number of Infants Born With Syphilis Reaches 20-Year High: CDC September 25, 2018

Experimental Vaccine Shows Promise in Preventing TB September 25, 2018

New Compounds Might Help Stop Spread of Malaria September 21, 2018

Contact Lenses May Harbor Serious, Blinding Infection September 21, 2018

Your Puppy Can Make You Very Sick: CDC September 20, 2018

After Florence Comes the Cleanup: Stay Safe September 17, 2018

Mumps Spread Quickly at Texas Cheerleading Meets: Study September 14, 2018

Blood Infection Sepsis Tied to Heart Attack, Stroke September 10, 2018

130 Now Sickened by Salmonella-Tainted Honey Smacks Cereal September 05, 2018

Strain of E. Coli Spread From Poultry to People, Study Suggests August 30, 2018

FDA Warns of Common Diabetes Meds' Link to Dangerous Genital Infection August 30, 2018

Ancient Treatment May Help Fight 'Superbugs' August 29, 2018

Health Tip: Avoid a Pinworm Infection August 24, 2018

New, Natural Pesticides Effective Against Mosquitoes: Study August 20, 2018

Doctors Not Talking About Newer Meningitis Vaccine August 20, 2018

Most Parents Say Tsk, Tsk to Tattoos for Their Teens August 20, 2018

New Blood Test Spots Parasitic Infection in Pregnant Women August 16, 2018

Sleep in Your Contacts, Risk Serious Eye Damage: CDC August 16, 2018

Hepatitis-Infected Kidneys a Safe Option for Transplant: Study August 07, 2018

Steer Clear of Obese Friends With the Flu August 02, 2018

Health Tip: Ear Tubes May Help Prevent Ear Infections August 02, 2018

Germs Gaining Resistance to Hand Gels in Hospitals August 01, 2018

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Lyme Disease Striking More Americans in More States July 31, 2018

Big Slice of Red Meat Allergies Tied to Tick Bites July 31, 2018

If You're Tempted to Eat Raw Centipedes, Don't July 30, 2018

Here's What Happened When 1 Unvaccinated NYC Kid Got Measles July 30, 2018

Whey Powder Blamed for Salmonella Tied to Ritz Crackers, Goldfish: FDA July 26, 2018

New Hope in Saving Kids From Blood Infection Sepsis July 24, 2018

Woman May Have Passed on Ebola a Year After Recovery July 24, 2018

Ebola Antibodies Show Protection Potential in Animal Studies July 20, 2018

Health Tip: Care For an Incision After Surgery July 17, 2018

100 Now Sickened by Salmonella-Tainted Honey Smacks Cereal July 13, 2018

Lyme-Bearing Ticks More Widespread in U.S. Than Thought July 12, 2018

Report Warns of Dog Illness That Can Spread to Owners July 11, 2018