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Severe Flu Cases Just Keep Rising: CDC January 19, 2018

Flu May Be Spread By Just Breathing January 19, 2018

Rats May Not Have Driven the Black Death Plague After All January 16, 2018

Your Dishwasher Is Not as Sterile as You Think January 12, 2018

Severe Flu Season Slams All But One State: CDC January 12, 2018

Is It a Cold or Flu? Here's How to Tell January 12, 2018

Severe Flu Season Tightens Its Grip on U.S. January 09, 2018

Ebola Survivors May Develop Immunity to the Disease December 26, 2017

'Tis the Season to Fight Infection December 22, 2017

U.S. Lifts Ban on Laboratory-Made Lethal Viruses December 19, 2017

Repeat Infection Likely for Men With HPV December 08, 2017

The Buzz on How Flies Spread Disease December 04, 2017

HIV Is Gaining Resistance to Lifesaving Drugs December 01, 2017

Another Opioid Scourge: Dangerous Infections November 30, 2017

Zika Nerve Damage May Stem From Body's Response to the Virus November 27, 2017

Health Tip: Prevent Respiratory Infections November 24, 2017

How to Spot the Virus That Puts Some Babies in the Hospital November 19, 2017

Could Your Cat Give You 'Bird Flu?' November 15, 2017

Putting Out the Welcome Mat for Household Bugs November 10, 2017

West Nile's Long-Term Bite: Impact on Brain May Last Years November 07, 2017

Climate Change May Bring 'Browner' Waters, More Disease November 02, 2017

Robots May Be Cleaning Your Hospital Room Soon November 02, 2017

Lack of Awareness May Spur Spread of Hep C November 01, 2017

Puppy Poop Infection Tally Rises to 67 People in 15 States October 31, 2017

Ob/Gyns Warn Against 'Vaginal Seeding' Trend for Newborns October 25, 2017

Transferring microbes from the mom to her infant born via C-section comes with infection risk

Kids, Don't Touch the Toys at the Doctor's Office October 23, 2017

Pediatricians' group updates infection-prevention guidelines for medical offices

Oral Sex Plus Smoking a Cancer Danger for Men October 20, 2017

Risk of head and neck tumors tied to HPV infection jumps to 15 percent for this group, study finds

Is a Dangerous Bird Flu on the Horizon? October 19, 2017

H7N9 is still confined to China, but new research suggests potential for wider transmission

Health Tip: Don't Spread Infectious Disease October 19, 2017

Minimize the risk during organized sports

Health Tip: Recognizing Sepsis October 13, 2017

The body's severe reaction to infection

3 Factors That Could Raise Your Risk of Bloodstream Infection October 11, 2017

Obesity appears to be the biggest threat

Penicillin Misconceptions May Raise Post-Op Infection Risk October 09, 2017

Many patients wrongly report a drug allergy, leading doctors to use inferior meds, study finds

Flu Shot Key for People With Diabetes October 08, 2017

Infection makes it harder to manage diabetes, increases risk of complications, health experts say

FDA Approves Test to Screen Donated Blood for Zika October 06, 2017

Though the virus is mainly spread by mosquitoes, it can be transmitted through blood transfusions

Hundreds Hospitalized in San Diego as Hepatitis A Outbreak Spreads October 06, 2017

Drug users, the homeless most affected; county has launched vaccination effort

Docs May Have Trick Up Their Sleeves Fighting Germs October 06, 2017

White coats with shorter sleeves may be more sanitary, study finds

Helping Preemies Avoid Unnecessary Antibiotics October 05, 2017

3 factors predicted when infant was at low risk of serious infection called sepsis

Scientists Learn How Flu Virus Changes So Quickly October 05, 2017

Interrupting that process could lead to better ways to treat or prevent flu

Antibody Injections in Pregnancy Might Shield Fetus From Zika October 04, 2017

But experimental treatment only tested in monkeys so far, researchers say

Coming Soon: A Faster Test for Antibiotics Against UTIs? October 04, 2017

In the future, identifying which drug works best might take minutes rather than days, research suggests

Puppy Poop Infections Now Affecting 55 People in 12 States October 03, 2017

CDC says Campylobacter bacteria can be transmitted by handling dogs

Measles Making a Comeback in the United States October 03, 2017

Though the rate remains low, study shows it doubled between 2001 and 2015

Whooping Cough Shot Works, But Many Moms-to-Be Skip It: CDC September 28, 2017

Timely vaccination can prevent three-quarters of cases in newborns

Genetic Tweaks in Mosquitoes Might Curb Malaria Transmission September 28, 2017

New methods could be used along with older control techniques, such as bed netting

How Zika Virus Went From Mild to Devastating September 28, 2017

Mouse study suggests one genetic mutation in 2013 unleashed its ability to attack developing fetal brains

Don't Let Your Kids Get Sidelined With Sports-Related Infections September 26, 2017

Good hygiene can tackle most locker room germs, pediatricians say

Sound the Mosquito Alarm, Across the USA September 21, 2017

Study finds two disease-carrying species could thrive in three-quarters of the country

When a Cold or Flu Strikes a Family Member September 21, 2017

How to keep everyone else healthy

You Won't Believe What Lived Inside This Boy's Eye September 20, 2017

Creature's residence ended up costing 17-year-old his sight

Do Nursing Home Workers Change Gloves Often Enough? September 18, 2017