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Dialysis Linked to Dementia in Seniors August 14, 2018

Hepatitis-Infected Kidneys a Safe Option for Transplant: Study August 07, 2018

Too Many Kidney Disease Patients in the Dark About Diet August 01, 2018

Fewer Dialysis Patients Facing Leg Amputations July 31, 2018

Hepatitis-Infected Kidneys May Be Safe New Option for Transplant July 09, 2018

Blacks Have Shorter Life Spans After Surviving Heart Stoppage: Study July 09, 2018

850 Million People Worldwide Have Kidney Disease July 05, 2018

Obamacare May Have Boosted Kidney Transplant Outcomes June 22, 2018

New Guidelines Mean 1 in 3 Adults May Need Blood Pressure Meds May 23, 2018

Kidney Docs Worry Over No Dialysis for Undocumented Immigrants May 21, 2018

Melania Trump Treated for Benign Kidney Condition May 15, 2018

Money Underpins Drop in Kidney Donations Among Men and the Poor March 09, 2018

Marijuana Doesn't Seem to Harm the Kidneys March 06, 2018

Surgeons Safely Transplant Kidneys From Donors With Hep C March 06, 2018

Learning Problems May Accompany Kidney Disease February 23, 2018

Kidney Stones on the Rise Among Women February 13, 2018

Defibrillators May Not Help Kidney Patients With Bad Hearts February 07, 2018

Kidney Donors Could Face Some Long-Term Health Risks January 29, 2018

Health Tip: Avoid Kidney Disease January 05, 2018

Kidney Disease Can Lead to Diabetes, Not Just the Other Way Around December 26, 2017

State Rules Affect Survival of Immigrants With Kidney Failure December 18, 2017

Are Good Kidneys Going to Waste? December 07, 2017

Thanksgiving Overeating Could Spell Kidney Problems November 23, 2017

Common Heartburn Meds Show Ties to Kidney Trouble November 06, 2017

Coffee May Be Kind to Your Kidneys November 03, 2017

Kidney Failure Declining Among U.S. Diabetics: CDC November 02, 2017

Kidney Failure Can Isolate Young Patients October 20, 2017

Relationships and employment often suffer, study finds

Limiting 'Cold Time' Could Make More Organs Available for Transplant October 05, 2017

Up to 12 hours seems to be OK, study suggests

Dialysis Patients Often End Up Back in the Hospital September 29, 2017

But the readmission is usually for a different problem, study finds

Addictive Opioids Common for People on Dialysis September 21, 2017

But dose of pain-killing drugs often too high, researchers say

Dirty Air Might Harm Your Kidneys September 21, 2017

Study finds link between so-called particle pollution and renal function

Exercise May Stem Kidney Damage in Lupus Patients September 19, 2017

But stress may trigger the reverse, researchers report

Selena Gomez's Kidney Transplant Puts Lupus Center Stage September 15, 2017

Superstar needed the donated organ because of her autoimmune disease

Diabetes Threatens Kidneys, Vision of Millions of Americans September 13, 2017

Untreated type 2 disease can lead to serious complications, diabetes experts say

Pot Won't Harm Healthy Young People's Kidneys, Study Suggests August 24, 2017

Researchers recommend more study on older users

Kidney Disease May Boost Odds of Infection August 18, 2017

Patients become more vulnerable as organ function declines, study says

Kidney Disease May Boost Risk of Abnormal Heartbeat August 10, 2017

And, the worse the kidney problems, the greater the odds of the heart condition, researchers say

Asthma Drug May Help Kidney Patients Regain Sense of Smell August 03, 2017

Problem is common in chronic kidney disease and can lead to malnutrition and other health issues

Novel Procedure Improves Kidney Transplant Success August 02, 2017

May allow more patients to get donor organ, study finds

Drug for Kidney Disease Tied to Infection Risk August 01, 2017

Doctors should weigh risks, benefits related to corticosteroid use, study suggests

Donor Kidneys Rejected by Centers 7 Times on Average July 27, 2017

Study suggests centers are often appropriately picky, but one specialist says patients should have a say in these choices

Thyroid Problems May Make Things Worse for Dialysis Patients July 13, 2017

Study found it was linked to fatigue, greater pain and reduced physical function

Are Doctors Discarding Donor Kidneys That Could Save Lives? July 07, 2017

Study found suboptimal organs prolonged lives and were a much better option than dialysis

Catheters Often to Blame for Blood Infections After Dialysis June 30, 2017

Study included almost all outpatient dialysis centers in the United States

Elevated Protein Level Increases Blacks' Risk of Kidney Disease June 27, 2017

Scientists find enhanced protein level is required to trigger the illness

U.S. Hospitals Still Prescribe Too Many Antibiotics: Study June 15, 2017

1 in 5 patients experiences side effects from the drugs, which often aren't necessary

1 in 7 Americans Has Kidney Disease: CDC June 09, 2017

Statistics should serve as a 'warning bell,' health expert says

Kidneys From Deceased Diabetics Might Ease Organ Shortage: Study May 25, 2017

More than 100,000 people are on the U.S. kidney transplant wait-list

How Much Water Do You Really Need? May 18, 2017

And the role H2O plays in kidney health

A 2nd Life for Risky Kidney Transplants? May 11, 2017

Doctors say they cleared hepatitis C in organ recipients, perhaps shortening transplant waits