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Smoking Puts Blacks at Higher Risk for Heart Failure April 16, 2018

Fewer U.S. Kids Are Getting Cavities April 13, 2018

Control Blood Pressure to Keep Dementia at Bay: Study April 12, 2018

Early Periods May Heighten Obesity Risk Later April 02, 2018

Majority of U.S. Adults Have Poor Heart Health: Study March 19, 2018

Dirty Air May Harm Blacks More Than Whites March 15, 2018

Poor, Minority Moms Face Tough Judgments Over Kids' Weight March 13, 2018

Odds of Surviving Anal Cancer Colored by Income March 12, 2018

Barbershop Pharmacists: A Good Rx for High Blood Pressure March 12, 2018

Breast Cancer Screening Guidelines May Miss Minorities March 07, 2018

Hip-Hop Music Blamed for Encouraging Drug Use March 05, 2018

Deportation Fears Putting Mental Strain on Hispanic Families March 01, 2018

Race, Insurance Key to Employment After Breast Cancer Diagnosis February 26, 2018

Blacks May Face Higher Stroke Risk From AFib February 21, 2018

Who Gets Unneeded Antibiotics Most Often? February 12, 2018

Many With Depression Delay, Avoid Treatment February 08, 2018

In Ohio's Capital City, 1 in 3 Lacks Access to Healthy Food February 02, 2018

Smoking Habit Tougher to Break for Some Americans January 31, 2018

Stroke Takes Greater Toll on One Group of Americans January 26, 2018

Many Stroke Survivors Don't Improve Health Habits January 25, 2018

Are Stroke Patients Skipping Rehab? January 24, 2018

Serena Williams Shares Childbirth Ordeal January 11, 2018

Can Deportation Fears Hurt the Heart? January 11, 2018

Is Surgery Riskier for Black Children? January 10, 2018

For Poorer Americans, Stress Brings Worse Health January 08, 2018

Hair Loss, Fibroids May Have Links in Black Women January 05, 2018

Good New for Parents: Teens Are Delaying Having Sex January 04, 2018

Whites More Likely Than Others to Seek Help for Psoriasis December 28, 2017

Race, Age Bias Common in U.S. Medical Care: Survey December 14, 2017

Study Untangles Disparity in Colon Cancer Survival Rates November 15, 2017

Heart Disease, Stroke Cutting Black Lives Short October 23, 2017

Life span about three years less than for whites, heart association statement says

Breast Cancer More Lethal for Blacks Than Whites October 16, 2017

Higher death rate is largely due to insurance issues, but tumor types sometimes play a role, study finds

Study Looks at Health of Hispanic-American Families October 16, 2017

Discord more likely in second-generation families than recent immigrants, study finds

Homicides Devastate Black Communities, But Prevention Gets Little Funding October 16, 2017

Discrepancy hurts black Americans more than whites, researchers say

Black Children Missing Out on Eczema Treatment October 13, 2017

But study finds they tend to have more severe cases of the skin condition than white children

Black Women Face Double the Risk of Pregnancy-Related Heart Failure October 13, 2017

But researchers don't know what's driving these racial differences yet

Scientists Spot Genes Behind Skin Color October 12, 2017

Study looked at varying populations across Africa

America's 'Beautiful People' Are Changing October 11, 2017

Icons of attractiveness are more diverse, older now than in decades past

Suicide Up in U.S., Rural America Hit Hardest October 06, 2017

Men, working-age adults most at risk, CDC reports

Americans' Health Woes May Have Swayed 2016 Presidential Election October 03, 2017

Rural counties with fewer doctors and high teen birth rates shifted to Trump, study shows

Breast Cancer's Decline May Have Saved 322,000 Lives October 03, 2017

But advances in care may not have helped black women as much as whites, report finds

Mexican-Americans at Higher Risk for Liver Cancer September 25, 2017

They have more risk factors than Mexicans born and living in that country, researchers report

Blacks, Elderly Missing From U.S. Cancer Clinical Trials September 25, 2017

Women are also underrepresented, researchers find

Survey: 9 of 10 Americans Take Cancer Prevention Steps September 22, 2017

Could Pests, Dust Lower Kids' Odds for Asthma? September 21, 2017

Inner-city study found early exposure to cockroaches and mice droppings seemed protective

Minorities Exposed to Dirtier Air, U.S. Study Finds September 18, 2017

U.S. Seniors Getting Healthier, Especially When Wealthy and White September 18, 2017

Lupus Hits Certain Groups Harder September 11, 2017

Studies find race, ethnicity, gender and even geography make a difference for this autoimmune disease

Recession Took Toll on Health of Rural Young Blacks September 06, 2017

Greater economic fallout linked to raised heart disease risks in 25- and 26-year-olds, study finds

White Kids More Likely to Get Unneeded Antibiotics September 05, 2017

Study finds more evidence of racial disparities in ERs