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Why Eczema Is Tougher to Treat for Black Patients September 19, 2018

Black Patients Have 5 Times the Rate of Blood Pressure Crises September 07, 2018

LGBT Americans Typically Poorer Than Straight Peers: Study September 07, 2018

Sleep Apnea Often Missed in Black Americans September 07, 2018

Why Fewer Blacks and Hispanics Survive Some Childhood Cancers August 22, 2018

U.S. Political Climate Frightening for Teens: Study August 20, 2018

Global Aid Programs Shortchange Teen Health Needs: Study August 10, 2018

Many Americans With Dementia Don't Know They Have It: Study July 23, 2018

Large U.S. Study Targets Prostate Cancer in Black Men July 23, 2018

U.S. Deaths From Liver Disease Rising Rapidly July 19, 2018

3 of 4 Black Americans Have High Blood Pressure by 55 July 11, 2018

Blacks Have Shorter Life Spans After Surviving Heart Stoppage: Study July 09, 2018

Treatment for Opioid Abuse Grows, but Many on Medicaid Don't Receive It July 02, 2018

Race Can Affect Many Skin Conditions June 25, 2018

Police Killings Harm Well-Being of All Blacks: Study June 22, 2018

Does Mental Illness Raise Diabetes Risk? June 20, 2018

Why Are Statins Underused With Black Patients? June 13, 2018

Girls, Young Women Fall Short on Exercise: Study June 11, 2018

Blacks, Hispanics Suffer Second Bleeding Strokes More Often June 06, 2018

AHA: Stress Contributes to High Rates of Heart Disease Among Black Adults June 05, 2018

Blacks With Prostate Cancer May Fare Better Than Whites June 01, 2018

What Makes for a Healthy Community? May 24, 2018

Lung Cancer Rate Now Higher in Young Women Than Young Men May 23, 2018

Race May Play Role in Kids' Suicide Risk May 21, 2018

Hair Care Products for Black Women May Disrupt Hormones May 11, 2018

Racial Divide Narrows in Opioid Prescribing in U.S. May 04, 2018

AHA: Blood Test Could Offer Life-and-Death Clues for Black Diabetics May 01, 2018

Black Heart Failure Patients Less Likely to See a Cardiologist April 30, 2018

More U.S. Kids Being Diagnosed With Autism April 26, 2018

Race Now Plays Smaller Role in Americans' Risk of Dying Young April 25, 2018

Smoking Puts Blacks at Higher Risk for Heart Failure April 16, 2018

Fewer U.S. Kids Are Getting Cavities April 13, 2018

Control Blood Pressure to Keep Dementia at Bay: Study April 12, 2018

Early Periods May Heighten Obesity Risk Later April 02, 2018

Majority of U.S. Adults Have Poor Heart Health: Study March 19, 2018

Dirty Air May Harm Blacks More Than Whites March 15, 2018

Poor, Minority Moms Face Tough Judgments Over Kids' Weight March 13, 2018

Odds of Surviving Anal Cancer Colored by Income March 12, 2018

Barbershop Pharmacists: A Good Rx for High Blood Pressure March 12, 2018

Breast Cancer Screening Guidelines May Miss Minorities March 07, 2018

Hip-Hop Music Blamed for Encouraging Drug Use March 05, 2018

Deportation Fears Putting Mental Strain on Hispanic Families March 01, 2018

Race, Insurance Key to Employment After Breast Cancer Diagnosis February 26, 2018

Blacks May Face Higher Stroke Risk From AFib February 21, 2018

Who Gets Unneeded Antibiotics Most Often? February 12, 2018

Many With Depression Delay, Avoid Treatment February 08, 2018

In Ohio's Capital City, 1 in 3 Lacks Access to Healthy Food February 02, 2018

Smoking Habit Tougher to Break for Some Americans January 31, 2018

Stroke Takes Greater Toll on One Group of Americans January 26, 2018

Many Stroke Survivors Don't Improve Health Habits January 25, 2018