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More Evidence That Vaping May Help Some Smokers Quit June 21, 2018

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Asthmatic Teens Even More Likely to Vape Than Those Without the Illness May 31, 2018

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If Kids Exposed to Pot, Tobacco Smoke, ER Visits Rise May 07, 2018

AHA: Smoke-Free Laws Do Seem to Help Young Adults' Hearts May 07, 2018

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Got Asthma? Avoid Allergens April 21, 2018

Gene Change May Have Helped Indonesia's Deep-Sea Divers April 19, 2018

COPD Patients May Breathe Easier With Tai Chi April 09, 2018

COPD Is an Adult Killer, But Its Origins May Lie in Childhood April 06, 2018

Girl's Windpipe Replacement Still Works 4 Years Later April 04, 2018

As Pot Smoking Rises, Users Might Also Turn to Cigarettes March 28, 2018

With E-Cigs, Flavorings May Pose the Greatest Danger March 27, 2018

U.S. Deaths From Infectious Diseases Decline, But Not Everywhere March 27, 2018

FDA Considers Lowering Nicotine Levels in Cigarettes March 15, 2018

Boosting Steroid Dose May Not Reduce Kids' Asthma Flare-Ups March 05, 2018

Even Hidden Flu May Trigger Trouble After Heart Surgery February 21, 2018

Tobacco Kills, No Matter How It's Smoked: Study February 20, 2018

Health Tip:Living with Pulmonary Fibrosis February 14, 2018

Widely Used COPD Meds Tied to Increased Fracture Risk February 13, 2018

Think Extermination Ends Your Bedbug Woes? Think Again February 12, 2018

Exercise May Help Lung Cancer Surgery Go More Smoothly February 02, 2018

'Bug Bomb' Foggers Still Making People Sick February 01, 2018

Fit Kids Have Healthier Lungs as Adults: Study February 01, 2018

Fainting Rarely Tied to Blood Clot, Study Finds January 29, 2018

Tobacco's Harms May Come Sooner Than Smokers Think January 24, 2018

Wildfires Can Affect Air Quality Far From the Flames January 12, 2018

Respiratory Virus Lurks as Wintertime Worry January 07, 2018

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Could Your Salon Visit Make You Sick? December 27, 2017

Two Foods Could Help Ex-Smokers' Lungs Heal December 21, 2017

Ted Koppel's Fight to Make COPD Headline News December 07, 2017

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Breathing Trouble May Follow Preemies to Adulthood December 01, 2017

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U.S. May Still Benefit From Climate Accord November 15, 2017

HPV Vaccine Linked to Drop in Cases of Rare Childhood Disease November 09, 2017

Can Man's Best Friend Chase Away Eczema, Asthma? October 27, 2017

High-Nicotine E-Cigs May Be Gateway to Smoking for Teens October 23, 2017

Many more 10th graders who tried the devices were hooked on 'regular' cigarettes later, study found

Even a Little Walking Can Lengthen Your Life October 19, 2017

Less than the recommended 150 minutes a week still seemed to help, study found