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Even 'Good' Levels of Air Pollution Are Bad for Smokers September 04, 2018

Hookahs Hooking Lots of Young Adults on Tobacco May 17, 2018

Smoking Puts Blacks at Higher Risk for Heart Failure April 16, 2018

Cigarette Tax Hike Could Ease Poverty for Millions Worldwide: Study April 12, 2018

More Women Die of Lung Cancer in 2 U.S. 'Hot Spots' March 30, 2018

Teens Often Think E-Cigs, Hookah Pipes Harmless: CDC March 15, 2018

Hookah Smoking Carries a Poisoning Risk March 14, 2018

1 in 5 Americans Still Uses Tobacco, Gov't. Reports November 09, 2017

Quitting Smoking Can Bring Healthier Sinuses Years Later: Study July 13, 2017

Smoking-related sinus pain, swelling and inflammation are reversible, new research finds

Smoking On the Rise in Movies Aimed at Young: Study July 06, 2017

Rise prompts call for R rating on movies that show or imply tobacco use

Secondhand Smoke Still Plagues Some Cancer Survivors June 22, 2017

Study found they face health risks from continued exposure

First Decline Seen in 'Vaping' Among U.S. Teens: CDC June 15, 2017

Drop fueled a decrease in use of all tobacco products, report finds

1 in 4 U.S. Adults, 1 in 10 Teens Use Tobacco January 27, 2017

About 40 percent of cigarette smokers also use e-cigarettes or other tobacco products, report finds

Make a Healthy Lifestyle Your New Year's Resolution December 31, 2016

The American Medical Association offers seven goals to get you started

Does Santa's Diet, Lifestyle Earn Him a Stocking Full of Coal? December 25, 2016

But, kudos for kicking that pipe smoking habit, a doctor says

1 in 5 U.S. Young Adults Uses Hookah October 13, 2016

Misperceptions abound that it's safer than cigarettes, researchers say

Smoking Tied to Shorter Survival With ALS September 22, 2016

Tobacco use may make patients with the degenerative disease deteriorate faster, Italian study suggests

1 in 5 Americans Uses a Tobacco Product July 14, 2016

CDC report raises concerns about e-cigarettes, hookahs

Even Light Hookah Use May Cause Airway Problems April 13, 2016

Scientists found lung cell abnormalities in those who smoke from the pipes occasionally

CDC: Federal Anti-Smoking Campaign Still Paying Off March 28, 2016

Ads have helped at least 400,000 Americans to give up tobacco since 2012, survey finds

Anti-Smoking Programs May Sometimes Backfire November 03, 2015

Study found smokers can get angry, defensive when public health programs stigmatize tobacco use

Teen Use of E-Cigarettes, Hookahs Way Up: Survey June 23, 2015

Bright spot in U.S. government report is that fewer kids are smoking cigarettes

Some Kids Use Tobacco, E-Cigarettes Together, Study Finds February 02, 2015

Additional products may increase addiction to nicotine, expert says

Tobacco Tied to Higher Risk of Oral HPV Infection, Study Finds October 07, 2014

Researchers say smoking and 'chew' raised odds for the virus, which is linked to mouth, throat cancer

Lung Groups: Governments Should Limit or Ban Use of E-Cigarettes July 10, 2014

Statement says more research needed on health effects of the nicotine-delivery devices

Hookah Smoking Popular Among Well-Heeled Teens: Survey July 07, 2014

Survey found one in five high school seniors had tried it; being affluent, well-educated raised risk