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Did Russian Bots, Trolls Try to Sway U.S. Vaccine Debate? August 23, 2018

Doctors Not Talking About Newer Meningitis Vaccine August 20, 2018

No Link Between Tdap Vaccine, Autism: Study August 13, 2018

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For School Kids, Vaccines Are Key August 07, 2018

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Health Tips for Summer Fun June 12, 2018

No Safety Concerns With DTaP Combo Vaccine for Kids: Study June 08, 2018

Pediatricians Back Flu Shot, Not Nasal Spray Vaccine June 07, 2018

Human Trials Set for Experimental HIV Vaccine June 06, 2018

Kids With Asthma Need a Flu Shot: Study June 04, 2018

Many, But Not All, Hospitals Require Flu Shots for Staffers June 01, 2018

When Kids Expect a Needle to Hurt, It Does May 30, 2018

No Link Between HPV Vaccine, Autoimmune Diseases: Study May 29, 2018

Even a 'Bad' Flu Vaccine Could Save 61,000 Lives: Study April 30, 2018

Peanut Allergy Vaccine Works -- in Mice April 11, 2018

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Nasty Flu Season Easing Up March 09, 2018

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