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Your Dishwasher Is Not as Sterile as You Think January 12, 2018

Severe Flu Season Slams All But One State: CDC January 12, 2018

First Treatment Approved for Breast Cancer Caused by Specific Gene Mutation January 12, 2018

Pregnant Women Still Getting UTI Meds Linked to Birth Defects January 12, 2018

FDA Approves First Drug for Tumors Tied to Breast Cancer Genes January 12, 2018

Having Too Little of This Nutrient Could Harm a Woman's Fertility January 11, 2018

FDA Bans Use of Opioid-Containing Cough Meds by Kids January 11, 2018

Tamper-Resistant Opioids May Not Ease Addiction Crisis: Study January 11, 2018

Be Sure to Read Labels for Portion, Calorie Control January 11, 2018

Surgery or Antibiotics for Appendicitis? Here's What Patients Chose January 10, 2018

Hormone Therapy May Ease Depression Linked to Menopause January 10, 2018

Acetaminophen in Pregnancy Tied to Language Delays -- in One Sex January 10, 2018

Vitamin D Supplements May Make Arteries Healthier January 10, 2018

Severe Flu Season Tightens Its Grip on U.S. January 09, 2018

The Opioid Crisis' Hidden Victims: Children in Foster Care January 09, 2018

Mom-to-Be's Immune Response May Trigger Zika Birth Defects January 05, 2018

Medicinal Cream May Help Stop Skin Cancer's Return January 05, 2018

Big Strides Made in Diabetes Care January 05, 2018

Diabetics May Often Fare Poorly in Hospice Care January 04, 2018

Goodbye, Needles? Patch Might Be the Future for Blood-Sugar Tracking January 04, 2018

Prenatal Vitamins Tied to Lower Autism Risk in Kids, Study Finds January 03, 2018

Risky Teen Behavior May Up Odds for HIV in Adulthood January 03, 2018

Epidemic of Opioid Abuse Is Top Health News of 2017 January 01, 2018

How to Survive a New Year's Hangover December 29, 2017

Asthma Worse for Overweight Preschoolers: Study December 28, 2017

Epilepsy Drug Could Raise Birth Defect Risks December 27, 2017

More Pregnant Women Are Using Pot December 27, 2017

Seniors Don't Need Calcium, Vitamin D Supplements: Review December 26, 2017

High Costs Keep Many Cancer Patients From Needed Drugs December 21, 2017

Heroin Vaccine Blunts Drug's Effect in Animals December 19, 2017

Gene Therapy Approved for Rare Inherited Vision-Loss Disorders December 19, 2017

Cancer Survivors Often Face Another Hurdle: Faster Aging December 19, 2017

FDA Approves Gene Therapy for Rare Form of Blindness December 19, 2017

FDA Gets Tough With Homeopathic Medicines December 18, 2017

Will These 2 Home Remedies Help Your Sore Throat? December 18, 2017

New Cancer Drug Shows Promise Against Wide Range of Tumors December 15, 2017

Decline in Antibiotic Use in Livestock Isn't Enough, Critics Say December 14, 2017

More Teens Vaping as Smoking Declines; Pot Use Holds Steady December 14, 2017

Ritalin During Pregnancy May Raise Risk of Heart Defect in Baby December 13, 2017

First Drug Approved for Rare Condition That Inflames Blood Vessels December 12, 2017

Postmenopausal Women Should Still Steer Clear of HRT: Task Force December 12, 2017

Tips for Healthy, Happy Travels December 12, 2017

Health Care Workers Mixed on Using Medical Marijuana in Kids December 12, 2017

Tried to Quit But Still Smoking? Help's On the Way December 11, 2017

New Diabetes Drug Gets FDA OK Under 'Abbreviated' Pathway December 11, 2017

Often, Opioid Abuse Becomes a Family Affair December 11, 2017

Good News, Guys: Viagra Prices Start to Tumble Today December 11, 2017

New Gene Therapy May Be Cure for 'Bubble Boy' Disease December 11, 2017

Acupuncture May Ease Pain Tied to Breast Cancer Care December 07, 2017

U.S. Courts, Jails Could Be Key Players in Curbing Opioid Abuse December 06, 2017