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AHA: Aspirin May Help Some Pregnant Women Avoid Preeclampsia May 25, 2018

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Small World? Not With One-Quarter Obese by 2045 May 23, 2018

Mom-to-Be's Pot Use Tied to Changes in Baby's Size, Behavior May 22, 2018

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Lifelong Exercise Can Guard Heart Health May 21, 2018

Start Exercising to Cut Your Heart Failure Risk May 18, 2018

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When Temperatures Fall, Heart Attack Risk May Rise May 18, 2018

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AHA: Spotting, Treating Stroke Quickly Was Key to Maine Woman's Survival May 17, 2018

Scans Can Tell How Long Ago a Stroke Occurred May 17, 2018

Eat Fish Twice a Week to Ward Off Heart Disease, Experts Say May 17, 2018

Hookahs Hooking Lots of Young Adults on Tobacco May 17, 2018

Health Tip: Control Caregiver Stress May 17, 2018

Too Few Smokers Get Lifesaving Lung Cancer Tests May 16, 2018

After 'Mini-Stroke,' Drug Combo Could Help Cut Odds for Major Attack May 16, 2018

AHA: A Fairy Tale With a Happy Ending That Many Share May 16, 2018

Big Rise Seen in U.S. Kids, Teens Attempting Suicide May 16, 2018

New Medicare Perk: Diabetes Prevention May 16, 2018

AHA: Heart Transplant Survivor Shakes Off Sheltered Childhood to Enjoy Life May 15, 2018

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More U.S. Parents Smoking Pot Around Kids May 14, 2018

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Alcohol, Tobacco Cause More Health Harm Than Illegal Drugs May 11, 2018

Health Tip: Find Your Resting Heart Rate May 11, 2018

Little 'Quit-Smoking' Help at U.S. Mental Health Centers May 10, 2018

Exercises for Chronic Health Conditions May 10, 2018

Add Heart Check to Annual Ob-Gyn Visit, Experts Say May 10, 2018

Obesity Might Raise Your Risk for A-fib May 09, 2018

'Smoke-Free' Rooms Still Loaded With Smoke Residues, Study Finds May 09, 2018

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PTSD May Raise Odds for Irregular Heartbeat May 09, 2018