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Because a diagnosis of cancer can leave you with many questions, we know how important it is that you get answers from your practitioners as well as other reliable sources. Our oncology news offers pertinent information about a wide range of topics in cancer such as prevention, existing and new treatments, advances in diagnostics, and research, among others.

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Most People Don't Know if They Have Genetic Risk for Cancer September 26, 2018

Breast Cancer Treatment Adherence Rates Vary by Race September 25, 2018

Gun Victims More Likely to Die Than Other Trauma Patients September 24, 2018

5 Facts Every Woman Should Know About Ovarian Cancer September 19, 2018

Reports Warn of Growing Opioid Crisis Among Seniors September 19, 2018

Could the Zika Virus Fight the Brain Cancer That Killed John McCain? September 18, 2018

Is Daily Low-Dose Aspirin Really Worth It for Seniors? September 17, 2018

Look for Early Signs of Thyroid Cancer, Experts Urge September 15, 2018

Health Tip: Identifying Risk Factors for Prostate Cancer September 14, 2018

Novel Treatment Approved for 'Hairy Cell' Leukemia September 13, 2018

No Short-Term Cancer Risk From Recalled Heart Med Valsartan: Study September 13, 2018

Cancer Advances Rely on U.S. Funding: Report September 12, 2018

Going Vegetarian to Cut Colon Cancer Risk September 11, 2018

Health Tip: Understanding Mouth Issues During Cancer Treatment September 11, 2018

An Ancient Art May Work Best to Prevent Falls in Old Age September 10, 2018

1 in 4 Seniors Who Take Xanax, Valium Use Them Long Term September 10, 2018

More Aging Boomers Are Embracing Pot September 06, 2018

Evidence Doesn't Support Statin Use in Healthy Seniors September 06, 2018

Over 1.4 Billion of World's Adults Face Disease Because of Inactivity, WHO Says September 05, 2018

Chemo for Lung Cancer May Trigger Early Menopause, Study Finds September 04, 2018

Many Who Battle Cancer Stay Strong Mentally September 04, 2018

What Every Woman Needs to Know About Ovarian Cancer September 02, 2018

Undescended Testes Tied to Higher Risk of Cancer, Infertility August 31, 2018

Health Tip: Find Activities You Enjoy August 31, 2018

Is Teen Drinking Tied to Aggressive Prostate Cancer Later in Life? August 29, 2018

Health Tip: Talking About Your Cancer Diagnosis August 28, 2018

Senator John McCain Dies From Brain Tumor August 27, 2018

Put Good Health on Your Child's Back-to-School Checklist August 24, 2018

HPV Vaccine Doesn't Put Girls' Fertility at Risk: Study August 24, 2018

Bills Mount for Breast Cancer Survivors August 24, 2018

Alcohol Helps Kill 2.8 Million People Globally Each Year August 24, 2018

HPV Vaccination Rates Rising Among U.S. Teens August 23, 2018

Drop the Word 'Cancer,' and Patient Choices Change August 23, 2018

Eyes Could Be Window to Predicting Alzheimer's August 23, 2018

Drug Combo Fights Melanoma That Has Spread to Brain August 23, 2018

Why Fewer Blacks and Hispanics Survive Some Childhood Cancers August 22, 2018

Study Explores New Way to Stop Cancer's Spread August 22, 2018

Blood Test Gives Quick Prognosis for Lymphoma Treatment: Study August 21, 2018

New Lab Test Spots Heart Attack, Risk of Future Heart Woes August 21, 2018

HPV Test May Replace Pap for Some Women, New Guidelines Say August 21, 2018

Radiation for Childhood Brain Tumor Can Hinder Memory August 21, 2018

When a Parent Has Cancer, Kids Suffer Long Term: Study August 21, 2018

Vaping Can Damage DNA, But Will It Cause Cancer? August 20, 2018

Genetic Testing for Cancer Lacking for Women on Medicare: Study August 17, 2018

Clinical Trials Balance Out Urban, Rural Cancer Survival Rates August 17, 2018

New Blood Test Spots Parasitic Infection in Pregnant Women August 16, 2018

Blood Test in Early Pregnancy May Predict Mom's Diabetes Risk August 16, 2018

Here's a Part of Aging That Really Stinks August 16, 2018

Breast Cancer Drug Promising in Phase 3 Trial August 16, 2018

Here's What Predicts a Woman's Odds of Living Till 90 August 15, 2018

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