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Social Work Care Management

The Social Support program at Summit Medical Group helps coordinate services for high risk Medicare patients, in the community as well as across the continuum of health care facilities. Our goal is to ensure that the most vulnerable patients receive needed services in a supportive and timely manner for optimal health and well-being.  Our social work care managers support and assist patients and their family members through advocacy and education, and by linking them to providers, medical services, residential, social, behavioral, and community support services.

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Social work care managers conduct in-depth assessments with patients, engaging their family members or significant others in the process.  Emphasizing prevention, safety and continuity of care, a plan is developed, coordinated, and implemented by the patient’s social work care manager.  Services and outcomes are monitored and evaluated to maximize the health and abilities of patients. All this is tailored to a patient’s preferences, wishes, and goals.

To achieve the goal of maximizing patient functioning, social work care managers use the following strategies:

  • Strengthening problem solving and coping capability of patients
  • Enhancing patients’ ability to interact with and participate in their communities
  • Assisting patients in accessing support systems that provide resources and opportunities
  • Counseling patients and families on immediate and long term care options

Outcomes of social work interventions include:

  • Improved/maintained functional status
  • Enhanced quality of life
  • Increased patient satisfaction
  • Adherence to medical recommendations/care plan
  • Improved safety
  • Increased patient self-direction/independence

Common reasons patients and providers contact the Social Support program:

  • Transportation to medical appointments
  • Companion or home health aide assistance
  • Adult day care centers for patients in need of socialization
  • Assisted living for patients who need a higher level of supervision
  • Support for caregiver emotional distress

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Berkeley Heights Campus, 1 Diamond Hill Road, Berkeley Heights, NJ
Berkeley Heights Campus
1 Diamond Hill Road
Berkeley Heights, NJ
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